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Sunday, December 13, 2009

A model for the nation

Schools in Louisiana are using test scores to evaluate teachers and institutions. The initiative, supported by President Obama, was launched in stages since 2003, has drawn support from three governors, including Louisiana Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal.

That's the Washington Post story that you should be reading today. Written by Nick Anderson, the piece gets right to heart of the accountability issue. Louisiana ties student test scores to a chain of evaluations that reach all the way to colleges of education where many teachers get credentials.

Other states are following the model Louisiana has created. Leading the nation in one aspect of education innovation is terrific, but we can do more.

Lifting the charter cap was a real accomplishment. Approving the two innovative charter schools designed by AIE was also a great step forward. But the hesitation that persists among many in the state's education community when it comes to virtual schools and online learning is troublesome. That has to change.

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