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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

EBR Capital Dollars Spent Wisely?

As many of my readers would be aware, there is a new $5.7M Professional Development Center opening in East Baton Rouge Parish. This begs the question, aren't teachers and principals are supposed to be at school most schools days? If so, then won't the center be empty most school days?

In my opinion, that money would be better utilized renovating the "library" at Banks Elementary and the other north Baton Rouge schools. And what better way to help those schools than by getting more foot traffic in the door? The more entrepreneurial-minded leaders may even consider leasing renovated space to hold professional development, which would bring awareness and resources to these communities.

This is why we need leadership that is visionary and thinks about children! AIE is focused on developing quality leaders and challenging school leaders to think of creative, entrepreneurial ways to improve their schools, the lives of the children within the schools, and the communities surrounding the schools.