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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"The Answer is in the Room": Utilizing the Resources Around Us

“The Answer is in the Room”:
Utilizing the Resources Around Us
Who can you trust? Do you have a network of colleagues who work toward education reform?

The Harvard Business Review (HBR) recently posted the blog Five Resolutions for Aspiring Leaders.  It reminded me of Alan Blankstein’s book The Answer Is in the Room because we are already doing many of the HBR’s resolutions with aspiring leaders right here in Louisiana!  

Louisiana has talent… we identify and put that talent to work!  Through AIE’s innovative principal certification program, Redesigning Lessons, Re-envisioning Principals (RLRP), we continuously encourage aspiring leaders to engage in leadership development challenges that can be summed up in ways very similar to the HBR’s resolutions.  They are:
  • Support for Success 
  • Leadership Development Groups 
  • Volunteering and Service-Learning
  • Global Awareness
  • Ask More Questions
Educators who want to be principals can do so “before they ‘burn out’” by entering RLRP after three successful years in the classroom.  Our participants have access to AIE’s national network to support success, but receive help forming those important homegrown leadership development groups as well. These experiences enable participants to begin building their immediate professional network and ultimately avoid “lonely at the top” experiences as new leaders.  Click here to learn more about RLRP or request more information.

To compete and win in the global economy, Louisiana’s leaders of tomorrow must learn what it means to return our schools as a hub in Louisiana communities.   Louisiana needs our talent to be in Louisiana! Of course, you can go to Boston…but there’s no crawfish.

Kristy Hebert, Ph.D.
Advance Innovative Education